"The Day After"


So it's Dec. 26th. The wrapping paper has been ripped open, presents finally revealed, the smiles have been photographed, hugs and thank yous passed around like cups of eggnog. Picture perfect moments to last us til next year.

Even here in San Antonio, Texas you can still smell the wood burning in fireplaces, the lights still hung and waiting to flicker bright just one more night, or two, before they are taken down and packed away.

Though Christmas has passed, it is a sign of a new beginning as Jan. 1st 2018 is only a blink away. A clean slate, a restart, rebirth, a much needed 2nd chance or even the beginnings of your 1st adventure. 

Find some time to take the next 5 days to really reflect on this past year. Are you where you want to be? Are you living your life, or are you just existing in it? What have you done to write your own story?

As 2018 comes to steal 2017 like a thief in the night keep your loved ones as close to your hearts as you possibly can, not just once a year, but for always. 

Ring in the New Year with love, laughter, champagne and make the next year of your life count.

Be safe, and I'll see you all in 2018.


Jason Edwards