Welcome to the official blog for Jason’s Imagination


 I am so excited to welcome you to my new blog. I am, of course, your host Jason Edwards, but feel free to call me Jase.

 I wanted to create a place where I can share my own adventures and experiences throughout this journey in hopes to inspire you to create your own. Here you will also find insight into Jason’s Imagination I wasn’t able to put in the books, well… without making them novels.

Coming in 2018 I will share articles I have written for various magazines, my personal experiences in making “The Rain King” and what it took to create a finished published book (things that worked and things that didn’t). I will also express the importance of hiring not only a qualified, but reputable publicist and share some of the behinds-the-scenes craziness that goes into touring for your book.

And from time to time just share with you all some of the random things that happen in my life.

 Have as much fun here as I have had writing, creating and sharing my imagination with you.

Live loud, but love even louder!


                                                                  “Come be a part of the adventure.”